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Baystate Wildlife | The Skunks’ Three Main Genera

Baystate Wildlife | The Skunks’ Three Main Genera

Baystate Wildlife: Do You Know Your Skunks?

It’s a common belief among homeowners that trapping a skunk and getting it off their property is where a wildlife invasion problem ends. However, here at Baystate Wildlife, our years of experience in wildlife removal and control has taught us otherwise. We’ve found that it’s not enough to get rid of the skunk. To ensure they will no longer return to your home, you must find and get rid of its habitat, which could be anywhere from the attic and garage, to the garden or foundation of your house.

Skunk Genera

Skunks aren’t all the same. Though they may look the same, sporting that distinguishable black and white coat, there are, in fact, four genera of skunks. These are the hooded skunks, the spotted skunks, and the hog-nosed skunks.

Image Source: National Geographic kids

The hooded skunk has a long tail with a thin white stripe of fur running between its green eyes and is smaller and more slender than other genus of skunks. More abundant in Mexico, the hooded skunk can be found in grasslands, deserts, and in the foothills of mountains. They can also live in suburban areas, including pastures and cultivated fields. Generally, skunks are solitary animals, but hooded skunks are said to be less shy than their counterparts. It has been noted that humans have approached hooded skunks from a distance as close as two meters.

Meanwhile, the spotted skunk has four subspecies: the southern spotted skunk, the western spotted skunk, the eastern spotted skunk, and the pygmy spotted skunk. These skunks are the most weasel-like among the genera of skunks. Like what their name suggests, these skunks have spot-like white markings, though one should look closer to see the spots. This is because the spots form over the skunks’ hindquarters and from afar, their white marking still looks like stripes.

Finally, the hog-nosed skunks have a distinctive broad nose, hence their name. They also do not have a white stripe running down the middle of their face. These skunks are mostly found in the southeastern part of Texas and eastern Mexico, mid to southern South America, northern Peru, and eastern Brazil. With that said, if there’s a skunk intruding your home, it’s likely to be the other genus of skunks. It’s also worth noting that the eastern hog-nosed skunk (which can be found in the southeastern part of Texas) is being watched by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. As the skunk has not been sighted since 1966, there is talk of putting it on the endangered species list.

Baystate Wildlife Skunk Control

One of the major reasons why professional wildlife control services (such as what we offer here at Baystate Wildlife) must be enlisted is because skunks are known to carry diseases like rabies. As mentioned, skunks can make a home on your property and once it has built a habitat or a den, the chances of it returning are higher. This is why if your home has been invaded by a skunk, call us at Baystate Wildlife as soon as possible. Not only will we humanely remove the skunk from your home, but we will also look for its habitat and remove it so your home can be left in peace.

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