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Baystate Wildlife | 4 Fascinating Facts About Squirrels

Baystate Wildlife | 4 Fascinating Facts About Squirrels

1. They Are Best in Vocalization and Signals

Like in the movie, squirrels are really great in vocalization. They also use their tails as a signaling device to warn their comrades of potential danger coming.

For example, an Eastern gray squirrel calls – que, que, que, que – with a flick of the tail. This is to inform other squirrels that they are at risk. Image Source: Sciencing

2. There Are Over 200 Species of Squirrel Worldwide

According to Baystate Wildlife, there is a large number of species of squirrel around the world – but there are  4 common species of these creatures that are inhabiting the great land mass of America. The grey squirrel, fox squirrel, red squirrel, and ground squirrel.

Grey squirrels- these can be found most of the time in the northeastern parts of the country.

Fox squirrels –  these types are the largest one of squirrels. It ranges between 17 and 27 inches of length. These have two shades – one has dark black to gray fur while the other is reddish, orange or tan.

Red squirrels – these are very small in size and they are tree squirrels.  Their color changes depending on the season. It is gray-red when it’s winter and orange-red when it’s summer.

Ground squirrels – they are the smallest type of squirrels that have been mentioned. These squirrels, like any wild animals, can definitely cause a damage to the garden. These species are those that can be normally extinguished by Baystate Wildlife.

3.  Squirrels Are Best in Disguise

Don’t be fooled when you see an all-white or all-black squirrel because they are apparently a gray or fox squirrel that is in cover only. Melanism and albinism can be performed by these witty creatures.

Melanism, according to Wikipedia is “a development of the dark-colored pigment melanin in the skin or its appendages and is the opposite of albinism.”

4. A Flying Squirrel is NOT flying

A Flying Squirrel, says Baystate Wildlife, is not true and believing a squirrel can fly is a huge mistake. Squirrels can actually glide, not fly. Rather of wings, flying squirrels have ‘patagia’ and wrist spurs – that made them look flying when they glide from trees to trees.

Even though squirrels are lovely and so exciting to be a pet, they are also animals that belong to the wildlife. Let’s put them back to their own habitat!

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