Canton, Massachusetts

Baystate Wildlife | Reviews Page

Here at Baystate Wildlife, we read each and every review as a piece of constructive criticism. Good or bad, we compile and use the information that we gather to better ourselves so that we can better serve you. We’re not afraid of our faults and shortcomings because we know that we have the ability to learn from them and improve ourselves.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to review your experience with Baystate Wildlife, from start to finish. From your very first user experience with our website to your interaction with our customer representative from our 24-hour call-in customer service, to the actual wildlife control and removal consultation, and finally the removal, and exclusion of wild animals from your property.

If you’re especially happy with the way that we do our work, we would also greatly appreciate it if you wrote us a testimonial for us to display on our website. We are always happy to share what our clients have to say, and we new potential clients to see for themselves, what kind of company we are.

Here’s are just a few examples of what some of our clients have had to say:


“Responsive, Professional, and to the point. Just a few good things about Baystate Wildlife. Thank you!!”

Edward C, Canton, MA


“We started seeing what looked liked tiny birds flying in and out of our attic, then we realized these weren’t birds, and we had a very serious problem. Bats…and many of them. We called Baystate Wildlife in Canton, Mass and the owner Mark Thomas was quickly dispatched for an inspection. He was prompt, polite, professional.”

Frank J, Andover MA

For more information about Baystate Wildlife, call (781) 830-6080. You may also leave your testimonials and reviews on the Contact Us page of our website,